Feb. 12, 2010
TRI-TRONICS COMPANY,  INC. has introduced the first "True Color Sensor" designed to perform as well as an instrument or a spectrometer. The new SMARTEYE® ColorWise™ Sensor will solve the most difficult color applications at higher speeds than color cameras or other sensors; ideal for intricate color sorting or inspection problems found in today's high speed packaging and production lines. A unique 4 Channel Monitor provides users with a continual visual confirmation of performance. With a choice in speed versus resolution, the performance of the sensor is controlled by the operator... providing a wider range of application solutions. FEATURES AND BENEFITS *Low cost color solution vs. cameras, other sensors or spectrometers *Solves difficult shade-to-shade or color-to color applications *Selectable outputs, timers, resolution, speed, etc. to fit any/all applications *4-Channel Monitor for at-a-glance performance feedback *4 Digital Outputs and 3 Analog Outputs *Selectable Speed versus Resolution *Selectable Color versus Color + Intensity *Captures color from HMI, PLC or remote buttonSUPPLY VOLTAGE: • 12 to 24 VDC • Polarity Protected • Intended for use in Class 2 circuits CURRENT REQUIREMENTS: • CW-1: 110mA@12VDC, 80mA@24VDC • CW-2: 140mA@12VDC, 85mA@24VDC PERFORMANCE: • CW-1: Effective Resolution: Min. 12 bit, Max. 16 bit • CW-2: Effective Resolution: 14 bit OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS: • Light emitter: White LED • Optical axis: CW-1: Coaxial;CW-2: Convergent • Receiving spectrum: 400nm to 700nm REMOTE AUTOSET INPUT • Input time: 25mS (ON) / 25mS (OFF) minimum • Selectable (sinking or sourcing) • Contact or solid-state input 1mA • Transient suppression RESPONSE TIME • Color-to-color: CW-1: 75µs (Uspd), 150µs (Hspd), and 300µs (Hrez);CW-2: 600µs • Shade-to-shade: CW-1: 100µs (Uspd), 200µs (Hspd), and 800µs (Hrez); CW-2: 800µs OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS: • Light emitter: White LED • Optical axis: CW-1: Coaxial; CW-2: Convergent • Receiving spectrum: 400nm to 700nm HUMAN INTERFACE: • Pushbutton control: Select, Next AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: • -5°C to 55°C (23°F to 131°F) No ice, frost, or fogging allowed DIAGNOSTIC INDICATORS • Output Indicator – (Amber) CH 1 through CH 4 • Four Character Alpha-Numeric Display – (Green) LIGHT IMMUNITY • Responds to sensor’s pulsed modulated light source – immune to most ambient light including indirect sunlight RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: •Chemical resistant high impact polycarbonate housing •Waterproof, ratings: NEMA 4x, 6p and IP67 enclosure rating •Conforms to heavy industry grade CE requirements LENS MATERIAL • Acrylic or glass