Powered Mobil Handling Equipment

Jan. 30, 2010
Arlington Equipment of Queensbury, NY is proud to announce the rollout of its’ revolutionary MMH series Mobil Manipulator Handler. The MMH provides the capabilities to handle and transfer payloads using interchangeable vacuum cups, mechanical grippers and magnetic load plates. The MMH boom end effecter system picks in vertical, horizontal or angular position and places into any vertical, horizontal or angular position.The boom end effecter system operates with robotic precision and can be integrated into production assembly processes. The MMH offers up to 16 directions of manipulation and provides complete mobility to operate between assembly sectors and shipping / receiving departments.MMHs can be equipped to handle 2,000 lbs, walkie or ride on, turn in their own length and are battery electric powered. MMHs can be totally automated including AVG and RF remote command systems.MMHs robotic handling improves productivity and safety.