Adjustable Wrenches

Aug. 30, 2022
The extra-slim jaws wrench and reversible adjustable wrench from Wright Tool have handles that are secured with high-impact thermoplastic.

Both with extra-wide capacity, these Adjustable Wrenches include an extra-slim jaws wrench and a reversible adjustable wrench. Both of the wrenches have handles that are secured with high-impact thermoplastic, guaranteeing stability of the handle even with extreme twisting and pulling and resisting damage from banging and accidental dropping.


The extra-slim adjustable wrenches feature an extra-slim jaw design, super-wide opening, and feather weight that’s up to 50% thinner, 78% wider, and 68% lighter than standard adjustable wrenches of similar sizes. The slimmer jaw design makes it easier to access tight spaces.


The reversible adjustable wrench is two wrenches in one—an adjustable wrench and a pipe wrench. The reversible jaw has the teeth and the angle to make it easy to work on pipes. Designed with an extra-wide jaw capacity, it allows operation over a wider range of nuts and bolts using the same size wrench. This wrench features a double scale that has millimeters on the front and inches on the rear for multipurpose use.

Extra-Slim Adjustable Wrench sizes:

  • 6 in.
  • 8 in.

Reversible Adjustable Wrench sizes:

  • 6 in.
  • 8 in.
  • 10 in.
  • 12 in.