DeTune™ Electronic Communications Muff

March 19, 2010
Elvex newest electronic earmuff, DeTune-Com-640, is designed to improve communications in noisy environments. Elvex DeTune is allowing the user to adjust the frequency range that is transmitted through the circuitry and speakers. •    A volume control allows the user to set the sound level inside the headset, up to a maximum of 82 dB. •    Two control knobs allow the user to filter out the high and the low frequencies independently of each other. When the filters are in the neutral (inactive) position the user will hear the environment almost as if no hearing protector was worn, except for the maximum sound limiter.•    In addition to the user controlled filters, DeTune will automatically activate an impact filter should impulse sounds such as gun shots, rivet operation occur. The impact filter closes in a few microseconds and reactivates in about two milliseconds.•    An external audio jack allows the connection of radios, MP3 players and select telephones for listen only operation.•    DeTune is equipped with an automatic 4-hour shutoff in order to conserve batteries when/if the unit is inadvertently not turned off. •    DeTune runs on 2 AAA batteries, accessible from an external battery door. •    Com-640 complies with ANSI S12.6-2008, and has an NRR range of 28-36 dB.