Feb. 26, 2010
KNF process pumps equipped for fuel cell applications provide ideal solutions for the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas and pure hydrogen. Brushless DC motors promote extended service life without maintenance and a patented double diaphragm system imparts superior levels of gas tightness and leakage prevention.These pumps have additionally been tested and certified by DVGW (an independent safety authority based in Germany) for approved use in fuel cell applications.The pumps effectively deliver natural gas to system “reformers,” which heat the gas to produce hydrogen and then deliver the hydrogen to the fuel cell. Their oil-free operation eliminates any risk of gas contamination to allow for pure transfer.Depending on model, these pumps can achieve maximum flow rates up to 25 l/min, maximum vacuums up to 200mbar, and maximum pressure up to 15 psig.  They exhibit significantly low leak rates of 6 x 10-4 mbar l/s.Among notable features, brushless DC motors (12V or 24V) run cool (even when in constant use), perform virtually maintenance-free, and can be speed-controlled.  The redundant double-diaphragm arrangement for the pump creates a safeguard to contain gases without risk of escape, even in the unlikely event that the primary, or “working,” diaphragm becomes damaged.  The area between the two diaphragms may be monitored with a sensor for an immediate indication of such a failure.  Pumps can operate in any installed position.