New Z Series µ-sized Plug-in Servo Drive Modules

Feb. 25, 2010

Greenville, DE — has just added remarkable new additions to it’s broad range of highly responsive analog and feature rich digital servo drives from Advanced Motion Controls. The 'Z' drives are µ-sized servo drives requiring less space than a standard business card and weigh about the same as two golf balls!!!

The 'Z' drives are capable of torque, velocity and position operating modes for brushed, brushless or voice coil motors. Inputs include: ±10V analog, PWM, Step/Direction, Encoder Following, RS-485/232 and CANopen network interfacing and much more.

Some models are dedicated to operate in either torque or velocity modes only, for brushed or brushless motors only, and from certain command inputs only. The strategy is to reduce overall system costs by establishing a minimal feature set to fulfill the needs. However, these same units have extremely high current loop bandwidth for response time critical / challenging applications. Other models are fully configurable by the user to select torque, velocity and position modes as needed. These versions come complete with programmable I/O, flexible motor selection, ease of loop tuning, optional networking (CANopen, RS-485, etc.). Complete configuration and diagnostics through setup software is inclusive.

'Z' drives fit in an incredibly small 76 mm x 51 mm footprint and most weigh a mere 100 grams or less - including heat sink! Yet, they are so powerful with versions that have delivery capabilities of up to 20 Amps continuous / 40 Amps peak anywhere from 10 - 90 VDC. That's >1kW CONTINUOUS from this tiny package. Reduced amperage versions also exist to minimize your costs too.

• DC Supply Voltage Range VDC 20 – 80 • DC Bus Under Voltage Limit VDC 18 • DC Bus Over Voltage Limit VDC 88 • Maximum Peak Output Current 1 A 12 • Maximum Continuous Output Current A 6 • Maximum Power Dissipation at Continuous Current W 24 • Minimum Load Inductance (Line-To-Line) 2 µH 100 • Switching Frequency kHz 31