Quantum’s Q-Peg Wall System starts with a Heavy Duty Q-Peg Board which is durable, weather resistant and washable. This ¼” thick, polypropylene board offers 3 times the holding power of traditional peg boards. Available in White.Spacer KitsInstallation of Quantum’s Q-Peg Heavy Duty Wall System is easy with the use of optional spacer kits. These kits create a small gap between the wall and board to allow for accessory installation. Kits do not require any special tools and include:15 – #12, 2” length wood screws15 – Plastic wall anchors15 – 3/8” steel wall spacersULTRA Hang Bin KitsStore small tools and loose parts with these popular bin sizes. Bin kits include bins and bin clips. Bins are available in Blue, Green, Ivory, Red, Yellow, Black and Clear. See chart on reverse side for ordering instructions.Q-Peg Hooks and AccessoriesQ-Peg Hooks and accessories can also be mounted on any standard 1/8” or 1/4” pegboard. All hooks can be mounted in different and unique positions to accommodate mostly anything. This unique and patented double locking system ensures all hardware will stay puteven after repetitive use or relocation.