Model 4216 Vibration Analyzer with LED Strobe Light

Feb. 18, 2010
Balmac Inc. introduces the affordable Model 4216 Vibration Analyzer with an LED Strobe Light for vibration analysis and dynamic balancing applications.Model 4216 Vibration Analyzer - built with proven technology added to the LED Strobe’s highly efficient, high brightness light source - provides a portable solution for a wide variety of today’s vibration and balancing work.  Using the 4216, operators can troubleshoot rotating machinery vibration problems such as defective bearings, looseness, misalignment, worn drive belts, bent shafts, structural resonance and unbalance.The small, hand-held LED Strobe Light is designed to provide accurate machinery speed and relative phase measurements.  It receives the conditioned signal (filtered or un-filtered) from the 4216 Analyzer accelerometer. This provides a very stable and intensity-adjustablestroboscopic light source to view the reference mark for dynamic balancingwork.The LED Strobe Light balances high brightness with efficient power usage for longer portable operating times with the Model 4216 Analyzer’s built-in, re-chargeable battery.