Solid-on Thru-door Power Warning Alert

April 8, 2010
Creating an electrically safe work condition is critical for electricians performing maintenance on de-energized systems. The VoltageVision Power Warning Alerts from Grace Engineered Products provide electricians with electrical safe information while the panel doors are closed and are now available in a new model solid-on type.  The new solid-on model type, known by  part number R-3W-SR, is nearly identical in purpose and function to its flashing counterpart except the LEDs simply illuminate to show the presence of voltage rather than blink (Note:  LED appearance for differing voltages as follows: 32-159V(FLASH) 160-329V(SHIMMER) 330V+(SOLID)).   The R-3W-SR is still a "one-size-fits-all" solution because it detects three-phase AC or DC voltage and operates from 40-750VAC/30-1000VDC.  The encapsulated construction and redundant circuit design provide superior reliability.