Free Samples of New Pilot Push-in Ear Plugs

March 24, 2010
Howard Leight® is offering employers and workers free samples of its new Pilot™ push-in ear plugs for occupational hearing protection. Pilot features an innovative hybrid design offering superior performance, long-wear comfort, and total control over fit.Visitors to can learn about Pilot’s features and benefits, view the ear plug in 3D, and request a free sample pack of five pairs of Pilot ear plugs.“Ear plugs should feel good all the time, not just some of the time. The best way to appreciate Pilot is to ‘try Pilot’ yourself,” said Renee Bessette, COHC, Marketing Manager, Howard Leight/Sperian Hearing Protection.Pilot’s ergonomic design provides instant hearing protection upon proper insertion and defends against additional occupational noise hazards by offering:·        Simple Fit - Pilot inserts easily into the ear with a simple fingertip twist of the non-obtrusive Navigation Stem for a quick, snug and comfortable fit. Pilot’s no-roll insertion delivers instant protection upon proper insertion.·        Great Comfort - Pilot’s soft, pearl-skinned Howard Leight polyurethane foam is resilient, easy-to-clean, and delivers reliable, long-wearing performance. Pilot adapts to the shape of the ear canal for a more comfortable fit – for short or long-term hearing protection.·        Reliable Protection - With an NRR 26 rating, Pilot provides ideal, consistent hearing protection and ensures appropriate attenuation in medium to low noise environments (95 dB or less).·        Multi-Day Use - Pilot ear plugs can be used for up to several work days/shifts without impacting its overall performance. Pilot delivers an improved cost-benefit for safety managers managing tight PPE budgets.View a 3D demo and request a free sample pack of five pairs of the new Pilot push-in ear plugs at