Brushless Flat DC-Micromotors

March 26, 2010
MICROMO expands its line of FAULHABER flat DC micromotors. The two new offerings provide diameters of 15mm and 26mm.  The new precious metal commutated DC micromotors provide robustness and electronic commutation. With nominal voltages of 6 or 12 volts, the 15 mm diameter motor provides a continuous output torque of 0,6 mNm.  The 26 mm diameter version provides output of  3,8 mNm. Also, the output torque can be increased up to 30 or 100 mNm with gearmotor versions of the new drives.The electronic commutation is based on three digital hall sensors.  Free of cogging, the motors are characterized by smooth operation, high efficiency and long operational lifetimes. The gearmotor versions are available with reduction ratios of 6 to 324:1 (Series 15…B) or 8 to 1257:1 (Series 26…B) within the same overall length. Both motor series can be combined with the Speed Controller Series SC 1801 S (FAULHABER).  Furthermore, the 26mm motor includes an optional integrated Speed Controller. The new durable flat DC micro motors are an excellent fit for portable devices or continuous duty operations like pumps and fans and market possibilities include laboratory and medical device applications.