Linear Actuator Family

April 7, 2010
BEI Kimco Magnetics, a company of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), Inc., has introduced the new LAS13 Linear Voice Coil Actuator Series in response to customer  need for an actuator with integrated position sensor in a compact package.  The result is a highly reliable design that can be used in a variety of positioning and force control applications.The new series includes four new models with varying levels of sophistication for complete flexibility and easy application.  All models in the series offer 6mm of total stroke and 15.5 N peak force in a small package size of only 1.3 inch in diameter and lengths from just 1.8 inch to 1.1 inch.First in the family is the Actuator Model LAS13-18-000A, a fully housed actuator that incorporates an analog position sensor and self-alignment capabilities via internal shaft and bearings, offering a complete package ready for simple drop-in-place installation. When this model is used in a system, position accuracy of 10 to 20 microns can be achieved.  Low moving mass allows an improved frequency response. Designers and OEMs seeking ways to cut costs on purchasing and assembling all components separately, will find this integrated model an ideal solution.For customers with sensors elsewhere in their system, the second model in the series, LAH13-18-000A, provides a fully housed version and self-alignment capabilities, without position sensor.  A semi-housed version, the LA13-11-001A, features self-alignment only, while the basic model, LA13-11-000A, has no housing, sensor or alignment for complete adaptability by the customer. Not all customers can accommodate an un-housed actuator,? explains Miguel Hermosillo, BEI Kimco Application Engineer.  ?Many prefer to have something that is already aligned and housed.  BEI Kimco's new integrated package eliminates the need for them to order and assemble all the components separately, saving time and money, and speeding product time to market.  With its fully integrated position sensor, housing, shaft and bearings for alignment, everything is already in place ready to drop into their system.  To our knowledge, we are the only ones on the market offering a fully integrated actuator in this small package size, and without staging,? he adds.Common applications for the new actuator family include valve actuation, pick and place, mirror steering, pumps, and metering and dosing for a wide range of equipment found in such industries as  industrial, medical, scientific, semiconductor/electronics, military, and aerospace.