MOD Forklift Containers Feature Durable, Molded Covers for Safety, Stackability

April 2, 2010
ShipShape(TM) bulk containers feature durable covers that establish a sturdy seal with the container to safeguard against dust and vapor release and minimize the potential risk from exposing dry products to the environment from open containers. Rotationally molded from 100% weatherproof polyethylene, the molded covers also protect the products or materials inside the container from contamination and spillage during storage and transport.To promote stable stacking on racks, forklifts and trailers, the bulk container covers are molded-in with a braided tic-tac-toe board pattern on top that mates with the container’s footprint to absorb movements during lifting, handling and transportation for reducedcontainer load shifting. For easy fleet integration, the container covers mix and match with multiple containers in several different capacities. The MOD bulk container covers are available in 16 standard colors and in custom colors in quantity and in a choice of virgin or100% recycled plastic material.