High-Temperature RFID Tag

April 2, 2010
Balluff has created a new industrial radio frequency identification (RFID) tag designed to withstand temperatures as high as 200°C (392°F) for limited exposure times. This very compact tag, only 40mm x 22mm x 6.5mm in size, is designed to be easily mounted in as many locations as possible and complies with the open ISO 15693 standard. These features offer greater hardware flexibility, while providing the highest data reliability that Balluff RFID users are accustomed to. The high-temperature tag is commonly used for applications where users need to track parts and get traceability of the manufacturing process. This is needed for quality improvement and error proofing, as well as maximizing the reusability of product carriers like pallets or conveyor segments. A typical application is painting and coating operations where heat sealing, oven drying, or curing may occur.  In this type of application, the data carriers are not active during high-temperature exposure and therefore data is reliably preserved. Reading and writing data usually takes place outside of the high-temperature areas at temperatures of 70°C (158°F) or under. The tag also allows unlimited reading and writing of data with user memory up to 112 numerical bytes or ASCII characters.Integrating all popular communication protocols, this high-temperature RFID data carrier can communicate with all popular control platforms. Compatible read/write heads are available in many sizes and configurations to fit most applications.