Fail-Safe Bin Level Indicator Protects Process

April 14, 2010
“We are pleased to announce that our Model RH/RHX is now provided with a fail-safe switch output to provide protection for your process in the event of a failure of the sensor power supply.  This means the sensors’ relay output changes into the alarm state, warning you of a condition requiring attention”, says Joe Lewis, Managing Director.The Model RH/RHX is a rotary paddle bin level indicator with a DPDT relay output, high intensity LED’s, four bearings for smooth shaft rotation, automatic motor shutoff when material is present, food grade materials of construction and a 2-position selector switch for either high or low level Fail-Safe operation.  This combination of features makes the Model RH/RHX truly unique in the industry.  When you add its attractive price, 90-Day Golden Parachute protection and an industry standard warranty, the Model RH/RHX is truly a unique product.