CSS150 Compact 100 to 150 W Medical & ITE Safety Certified Power Supplies

April 6, 2010

The latest addition to the line of AC-DC medical and ITE (Information Technology Equipment) power supplies, the single-output CSS150 series are 100 to150 W supplies that accept a wide AC input range, have a low profile of 1 in. (25 mm) and a compact footprint of 3 x 5 in. (76 x 127 mm), making them an ideal choice for applications in non-patient contact medical/dental, light industrial, business, gaming, point-of-sale and instrumentation equipment, to name a few.


These open-frame supplies feature a universal 90 to 264V AC, 47 to 440Hz input, enabling them to be used anywhere in the world. Plus, they can operate from a 120 to 180V DC input. These supplies feature a low leakage current of less than 250 µA at 264V AC, 63Hz, which is important for many non-patient contact medical and dental applications. In addition, the CSS150 is designed to withstand 4kV AC, input-to-output. The series is available with an output voltage of 12, 15, 36, or 48V DC, all of which have a +/-3% adjustment range.


With convection cooling (no fans required) these supplies provide up to 100 W of output power. For higher power applications, with forced air cooling of 8 ft/s (2.5 m/s), the output power increases to 150 W. The operating temperature range is from 32 to 158°F (0 to 70°C) and the output is floating so it can be used as either a positive or negative polarity.


Remote on/off connections are provided to allow for remote control of the supply. The off-load power draw is less than 0.5 W, which complies with energy-saving initiatives, and the operating power-saving efficiency is typically 89%. Other standard features include overvoltage and overcurrent protections. The input and output connections mate with standard Molex connectors. Fuses are provided internally on both the AC Line and Neutral inputs (dual fuses).


The CSS150 series has global medical safety agency approvals per UL/EN/IEC60601-1 as well as ITE and general purpose safety agency approvals per UL/EN60950-1, are CE Marked, meet the conducted and radiated EMI requirements of EN55022-B and FCC Class B (which is much tougher to meet than Class A), and they are RoHS compliant.

  • 360 W convection rating
  • High efficiency
  • IEC60601-1 or IEC60950-1 certifications
  • ORing FET and current share
  • Dual input fuses