Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

Oct. 27, 2016
New design highlights safety and reliability

Shock-Block SB6100 special purpose ground fault circuit interrupter has been upgraded with a host of new features designed to improve device safety and reliability. Unit now includes flexible protection with adjustable trip settings at 6 mA and from10 to 100 mA in increments of 10 mA to avoid nuisance tripping in high-noise applications such as welding and an automatic self-test feature that ensures the unit is operating properly. A new motor starter feature allows the user to start the motor from the device interface.


Applications for this product include electrical cabinets supplying power to pumps, washers, mixers and other areas where operators, electrical equipment and wet conditions are present.

UL 943 inverse time trip curve

  • Detects and interrupts to protect people and reduce the probability of nuisance tripping

Minimum trip time < 20 msec

  • Reduces the risk of ventricular fibrillation for leakage current of 250 mA and above

UL 943C fixed trip level (GFCI 20 mA)

  • Personnel protection for systems with leakage current higher than the standard 6 mA required by UL 943 Class A

Selectable trip levels (EGFPD)

  • Provides extra safety when a customer is able to operate with a setting below 20 mA (GFCI) and the settings above 20 mA can  reduce nuisance tripping on systems with high leakage current.

UL 943C ground  monitor/interrupt

  • Protects from shock by tripping if continuity of ground wire between Industrial Shock-Block and load is broken.

Undervoltage, brownout, chatter detection

  • Ensures proper operation and prolongs the internal contactor lifetime

3 x Class T, 600 V incoming fuses

  • The fuses provide overcurrent protection for a 100 A circuit and a higher short-circuit current rating (SCCR) of 50 kA.

Conformal coating

  • Internal circuits are conformally coated to protect against corrosion and moisture, yet still repairable

Operator Interface

  • Shows unit status, alarm types, percentage of leakage current, and allows for Test and Reset capabilities

Auxiliary Contact

  • Provides a normally-open contact for remote indication

Automatic Self-Test

  • All ISB options (revision 01 or higher) include an automatic self-test feature

Motor Starter

  • Allows the user to start and stop the motor from the interface