Super Quick-acting Fuse, Offers Low Current Ratings

April 26, 2010
Schurter’s new USFF 1206 low impedance surface mount fuse extends the existing USFseries to include lower current ratings from 160 to 250mA. The superquickacting characteristic provides reliable and stable opening time required for extremely sensitive electronic circuits. The slightly higher chip fuse allows for increased electrical performance for protection of DC overcurrent conditions in dense circuits where heat dissipationis critical. For example, the low voltage drop value for the 200 mA version is 87 mV, which is about three times less than existing products on the market. At rated voltage of 125 VAC/63 VDC, the USFF 1206 has a breaking capacity of 100A. Operating temperature range is -55° C to +90° C. It is built according to UL 248-14 and is cURus approved. The USFF with industry standard footprint 3.2 mm in length and 1.6 mm in width is provided with visible indication that identifies the fuse current rating for easy identification and inventory tracking. Itis ideally suited for applications such as PC cards, disk drivers, notepads and other computer andcommunication devices.