Ergonomic Hand Welder

March 16, 2018
OMG Roofing's hand welder' recessed plate design helps users properly align the tool.

Based on patented Sinch Technology, the portable RhinoBond Hand Welder is designed to help roofers weld RhinoBond Plates in tight spaces such as under raised rooftop equipment and on vertical surfaces. The ergonomically designed tool features a vibrating handle and an indicator light that lets roofers know when the tool is activated and when the weld cycle is complete. The base is recessed and features centering indicator lines to help users properly align the tool over installed RhinoBond Plates for optimum bonding and improved productivity.


The tool weights just 6 lb., and operates on 110 and 220V power sources for global use. Each tool comes with three, 8 in. tall magnets, and a durable carrying case that protects the induction tool when not in use. Using a 12 gauge RhinoBond Power Cord (sold separately), the independent Hand Welder can be operated up to 100-ft from the power source. A quick connect power cord pig-tail enables international users to quickly switch to the local plug configuration for global use (international pig-tails sold separately).


The RhinoBond System is designed for use with TPO and PVC roofing membranes and approved by most roofing system manufacturers. The System uses advanced induction welding technology to bond roofing membranes directly to specially coated plates used to secure the insulation to the deck. The result is a roofing system with improved wind performance that requires fewer fasteners, plates, and seams, and zero penetrations of the new membrane. Since it was introduced in 1998, nearly 2.0 billion square feet of membrane has been installed with the RhinoBond System around the world.


  • The stand-alone hand welder weighs approximately 6 lb., for easy application across the entire roof.
  • The hand welder is independent and not tethered to another tool, making it highly portable for use anywhere on the roof.
  • The base has a recessed plate design that helps users properly align the tool over a RhinoBond Plate for improved productivity.
  • The tool has both visual and tactile indicators during the weld cycle, including a vibrating handle and an LED indicator light.
  • Tool includes variable energy settings for optimum calibration based on membrane thickness and ambient temperatures.
  • Operates on 110 and 220V power sources for global use.
  • International plug configurations are available from OMG, as are 12 gauge power cords (sold separately).
  • Includes a storage case, and three eight-inch tall heat-sink magnetic cooling clamps.