Weldable Shaft Collars - Stafford Mfg Corp

April 13, 2010
A line of AISI 1018 steel shaft collars that can be machined to facilitate the welding of components such as brackets, cams, lever arms, mounts, pins, and rods is now available.Stafford Weldable Shaft Collars are machined from 1018 steel and come in one- and two-piece styles that can be further machined to make fixturing easier when creating welded assemblies.  Available in sizes from 1/4” to 16” I.D., they can be machined by the user or supplied with holes, slots, flats, notches, and other special machining to customer specification.Designed to promote high quality welds and joints, Stafford Weldable Shaft Collars are ideally suited for fabricating a wide range of mechanical and structural components.  Typical applications include adjustable pulley-, gear-, and sprocket mounts for building machinery and conveyors and brackets and structural supports for all types of specialty equipment.Stafford Weldable Shaft Collars are priced from $4.95 (list), depending upon size and quantity.  Samples and quotations are available upon request.