Portable Flow Meter Works From Outside A Pipe

May 19, 2010
Mount the ultrasonic sensor on the outside of a pipe and this new PDFM 5.0 Portable Doppler Flow Meter shows flow rate instantly. Use it for flow troubleshooting, spot checks or balancing flow. Simply enter pipe diameter with the 5-button keypad and the PDFM 5.0 will display, totalize and data log in your choice of gallons, liters or any engineering units. This compact, hand-held flowmeter includes 4-20mA output and 300,000 point data logger with USB output and Windows™ software. The rechargeable NiMH battery powers the unit for at least 24 hours continuous operation. Push button sleep mode extends battery life for long periods of operation. New features include a large backlit display, reverse flow measurement and menu language selection.The new Greyline PDFM 5.0 is recommended for wastewater, sludge, slurries, chemicals and abrasives. It works from outside metal or plastic pipes.