New 150cc and 250cc F12 Series hydraulic motors from Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, deliver extreme endurance and high efficiency for trouble-free service, better performance and improved fuel economy in heavy-duty applications that require high speed motors.Be it for cooling, cutting, sawing, spreading, mixing, pressing or compacting, Parker F12 bent-axis, fixed displacement motors offer reliable operation at a wide range of speeds and rapid change in velocity thanks to special lightweight pistons and a sturdy timing gear design that facilitates quick acceleration/deceleration without damaging the motor.Patented triple-laminated piston rings give the motors a high thermo-shock tolerance. This design allows for handling extreme cold start conditions; typical motors fall short in resisting the harmful effects of cold fluid rush during subzero startup. Furthermore, a highly engineered bearing design allows for higher shaft loads common in many cutting, mowing and saw drive applications.Combined, these features help keep industrial and mobile equipment running longer for optimum customer productivity and profitability. And because F12 motors deliver high efficiency throughout the full operating range, they are capable of producing more power and higher speeds than many competing motors. This translates to better machine performance in a wide range of conditions and improved fuel economy for the end user.Parker's new F12 motors deliver the above features in a compact design that provides power transmission in space-critical applications (exceptionally high power-to-weight ratio in a small envelope size). Continuous drive speed rated at 3,200 rpm (F12-150) and 2,700 rpm (F12-250), the motors can be used in both open- and closed-circuit applications. The F12 Series also includes 30, 40, 60, 80, 90, 110 and 125 cc/r displacement models.