New Proximity Switch

April 26, 2010
Standex Electronics introduces the R12575 micro-proximity switch which is ideal for use in non-contact position sensing in very small spaces.  Built around the proven Standex GR200 ultra small magnetic reed switch, the R12575 measures just .379” in length and .098” in diameter, yet provides unparalleled sensitivity and performance. These new micro-proximity switches are ideal for a variety of applications where size reduction is required without sacrificing performance.  Typical applications include security systems, safe applications, and industrial control applications where the equipment design leaves little space for the proximity sensor.The R12575 is well suited for applications where the magnetic field is very low and where space limitations are a major design factor.  There is no power draw in the off state, an important consideration for battery driven applications.  Lead length and termination can be customized for specific customer specifications.In addition to a small footprint and tight sensitivity range with three standard sensitivity ranges available, the R12575 series is responsive – with a typical operating time of 0.2 milliseconds, and release time of 0.1 milliseconds (typical).  The R12575 has a power rating of 3 VA maximum and will switch 0.1 Amp. DC (Max) with a carry current rating of 0.5 Amp. DC. Switching voltage is 50 VDC (Max.).  Boasting an operating range of -40°C to +125°C, they are well suited for use wherever small size and sensitivity are required for non-contact position sensing applications.    “Our unique production process delivers very tight magnetic sensitivity ranges which allow design engineers to use the R12575 in environments with very low magnetic fields” said Standex VP Tom Gould.