MICROOPTO Solid-State Relays

May 6, 2010
Weidmuller is expanding the innovative MICROOPTO family of opto-couplers or solid-state relays with 4 new versions. These new optocouplers are specially designed for applications that include switching and amplifying actuators, signal inversion and converting TTL signals. With extremely fast response time, reliability, compact size and low power usage, the MICROOPTO opto-couplers offer several advantages for automation installations. Weidmuller’s new MICROOPTO products include the MICROOPTO SOLENOID, the MICROOPTO 1CO and two MICROOPTO TTL converter devices.    The MICROOPTO SOLENOID is designed for safe and reliable control of inductive loads such as solenoid valves and contactors of up to 24VDC and 10A. It switches the maximum current of 10A even up to 55°C ambient temperature. As an additional feature the device has an integrated current sensor that monitors the device’s output for short circuits and overloads.  If an error occurs, a signaling contact reports to the control system for a controlled machine shut down and for troubleshooting.     The MICROOPTO 1CO is a high frequency electronic switch that provides an isolated output which can either repeat or invert it’s input. The choice of direct or inverted output is made through the output wiring connections. The electronic contact allows reliable, wear-free switching, and optimizes the equipment availability, while switching frequencies of up to 1kHz, with outputs up to 0.5A    Two MICROOPTO TTL models are designed to convert to and from 5V TTL signals and higher direct current levels, and standard 24VDC. Applications include conversion from sensors with TTL outputs to drive 24VDC powered alarms, or from control systems using 24VDC to drive separate logic modules working with TTL. Galvanic isolation between the control circuit and the load circuit ensures that electrical noise (EMI) does not influence or damage the load.    All Weidmuller MICROOPTO devices are CE and cULus approved, and offer a variety of features designed to provide increased machine reliability and uptime. This includes circuit protection including suppressor diodes and varistors to ensure short circuit and overvoltage protection.  Each MICROOPTO has LED status indicators, pluggable cross connections for reduced wiring time and standard marker points, all in a compact 6.1 mm DIN-rail mountable housing.