Fluid Handling System Sourcebook

May 26, 2010
With 240 pages stocked with premium supplies and equipment, the 2010 Cole-Parmer® Fluid Handling System Sourcebook offers a comprehensive selection of items from trusted manufacturers. Choose from a variety of Masterflex®, Ismatec®, and other pump systems, along with tubing, fittings, valves, filtration, and more. Browse through the latest flowmeter technologies, pH meters, conductivity instruments, baths and circulators, and other laboratory and process solution products. In addition, the book features new products, including a series of Cole-Parmer® user-friendly touch screen syringe pumps available in infusion, infusion/withdrawal, infusion/withdrawal programmable, push/pull, and push/pull programmable models. For laboratories or process plants requiring integrated solutions, the sourcebook highlights the BioConnect® program. BioConnect offers custom-made single-use bioprocess assemblies with full lot traceability, manufactured in an ISO-13485-certified, cGMP-compliant facility.Many products within the sourcebook are designated as Guaranteed In Stock (GIS) and are ready to ship.