June 22, 2010
FANUC CNC America announces innovative, yet cost effective newly enhanced features and functionality for the already powerful 0i-D and 0i-D Mate CNC Controls. The 0i-D features Nano CNC resolution for ultra high precision measured in nanometers and has an ultra compact design with high reliability utilizing limited cabling and easy maintenance. This CNC control is suitable for many machining applications and is available in both Milling (0i-MD) and Turning (0i-TD) versions. The newly enhanced features to the 0i-D, an already technology-packed control, include:• Max total controlled axis increased to 8 axes (milling model) and 11 axes (turning model)• Al Contour Control II (milling model) uses a state-of-the-art ultra high-speed processor allowing high-speed machining of complex free form parts which are programmed in continuous small block segments• Nano Smoothing (milling model) smooths surfaces by converting small block segment programs into smooth NURB surfaces in real time• Jerk Control (milling model) for smooth acceleration with less machine jerking• Enhanced Tool Management (milling & turning models)• Retraction for Rigid Tapping (turning model) for cycle time reductionThe Oi-Mate-D, an ideal mix of technology and affordability, also has upgraded features including:• 2 Max Spindles (turning model)• Spindle Control with Servo Motor (turning model) for use with live tooling for turning centers• Nano Interpolation• Axis control by PMC allows for programmed axis by control MTD Logic• Grinding Function for canned cycles• NC Guide/NC Guide Pro provides useful graphical programming guidance for parts programming at the CNC controller