Sunnen meets contemporary needs for planet friendly industrial consumables with the introduction of SHO-500, a long-lived general-purpose honing fluid based on a renewable vegetable formulation that makes sustainable metalworking affordable and practical. Offering a breakthrough in oxidation stability, SHO-500 is formulated without additives that many find objectionable, such as sulfur, chorine and fluorine. It is an ideal solution in honing applications where additives cannot be used, such as nuclear and some aerospace parts, or where company policies discourage use of fluids with such additives. SHO-500 is acceptable in all parts of the world and to all religions and cultures. It is suitable for use with conventional vitrified honing abrasives and metal-bond superabrasives. SHO-500 joins Sunnen's two other planet friendly oils, MAN-863 and KG3X, which are listed as BioPreferred™ products by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The new oil is available in 5-gallon (18.9 l) pails, 55-gallon (208.2 l) drums and 330-gallon (1,249 l) totes.