Rustlick PowerCool Green and PowerCool Green CF coolants are new, long-lasting water-soluble oils made from naturally derived, “green” vegetable-based oils. These premium coolants are specially formulated to be operator-friendly and to give maximum lubricity, biostability in heavy-duty cutting and grinding applications. PowerCool Green and PowerCool Green CF deliver extended tool life and unbeatable physical lubricity in even the toughest operations. The advanced technology used to formulate these plant-based coolants ensures the highest fluid performance, dramatically increases sump life, and decreases overall fluid use.PowerCool Green coolants are safe for all metals, including ferrous/nonferrous metals, aluminum, brass, bronze, and copper. These products can be used for a wide range of light to heavy-duty applications, including machining, cutting, grinding, milling, drilling, broaching, turning, threading, tapping.PowerCool Green is available in two versions, chlorinated and chlorine free. PowerCool Green contains chlorinated EP additives, PowerCool Green CF contains non-chlorinated EP additives and is also recommended for use on titanium. PowerCool Green and PowerCool Green CF are available in 5 or 55 Gallon containers.