N600 Spring Rewind Dual Hose Reels

May 26, 2010

The Hannay Reels N600 series is ideal for a variety of applications requiring dual hose for separate materials such as gases and liquids or air and coolant. This narrow-frame, spring rewind reel is designed to simultaneously accommodate equal lengths of two hoses that can be of different diameters. 

  • Narrow frame and compact mounting base.
  • Non-sparking ratchet assembly.
  • Declutching arbor to prevent damage from reverse winding.
  • Standard inlets: 90-deg. full-flow swivel joints with Viton seals, 1/2" female NPT threads.
  • Optional balanced pressure (BP) swivel joints are available upon request. Subtract 1.75" from F dimension.
  • Standard outlets: 1/2" female NPT threads.
  • Standard pressures to 3,000 psi (207 bar), available up to 10,000 psi (690 bar) – must specify.
  • Fluid temperatures from -40 to +400°F (-40 to +204°C).
  • 4-way roller assembly.