June 8, 2010
J.W. Winco, Inc. announces it now offers series GN 918.5 Stainless Steel Eccentrical Cam Units.The metric sized cam units are RoHS compliant.  The cam is chemically nickel-plated stainless steel.  Hexagon threaded bolt and washer are tempered stainless steel, chemically nickel-plated.  The ball lever handle is matte shot blasted stainless steel with a black phenolic plastic ball knob.These cam units have a relatively long movement and high clamping force, providing rapid and safe clamping and release.  The cam offers the advantage of the clamping force acting over the entire clamping area (i.e., maintains the clamping force in all angular positions). The lever handle is linked to the cam via mating serrations, which allow the positioning of the lever in a preferred position.  The eccentrical cam can also be used with T-slot nuts on machine beds, or as stepless adjustable end stops. If the washer is removed, the eccentrical cam can be clamped directly to its support.