Slide-A-Matic. A new concept in Safety Gating

July 6, 2010
Slide-A-Matic from Deken Power is a safety/security gate composed of a series of interlocking sliding panels that rotate into position and then extend, panel by panel, to a latch post where it becomes firmly secured. A single gate can close off up to 14-feet, and you can double that if you bring two gates together from the left and right. The gate is unique because it does not require the confines of a suspension or tracking system in order to operate, making it free to rotate to the side when retracted. It operates smoothly, even on an uneven floor.Slide-A-Matic is designed to guard industrial production and robotic areas that require high-visibility protection, but also require unobstructed access for servicing, loading equipment, and machine set-up. Because it is lockable, it can also serve as a security gate for cribs.Gate construction is all steel. Individual panels are 51.5-inches wide. Standard panel inserts are 2-inch welded wire, however, a variety of inserts is available. Total thickness of all 4 panels when retracted is less than 4-inches. Standard gate height is 77-inches, but that can vary depending on the requirement. Swivel casters are non-marking, 3-inch, poly-olefin. The sliding steel latch can be operated from either side of the gate and is pad-lockable.