LED Multi-Status Indicators with XTRA-SAFETM Technology

July 10, 2010
Edwards Signaling® announces the introduction of 125 Class XBR LED Beacons for NEMA 4X Applications with XTRA-SAFETM Technology.  With its new adaptive design, one device does it all.  With a quick change to the new 125XBRi Chameleon’s dip switch settings, these flexible multi-status indicators instantly adapt for use with or without control from an external PLC, PAC, or control relay.  Now, regardless of the application, you will have just the right device for the job with only half the inventory.With XTRA-SAFE Technology enabled, the Chameleon indicating device employs combinations of color AND flash-rate to provide more definite status indication to those who are color-blind.  When one considers that 7% to 10% of the male population in the United States is afflicted with some degree of Red-Green color blindness, the benefit of the extra level of protection provided by XTRA-SAFE technology becomes evident.The 125XBRi Chameleon is available in 24V DC or 120V AC and in Red/Blue/Amber or Red/Green/Amber with either a black or a gray base.