Precision Water Jet Intensifier Pumps Brochure

June 30, 2010
Water jet manufacturer Jet Edge, Inc., recently released a new brochure highlighting its precision water jet intensifier pumps. The brochure features Jet Edge’s precision waterjet intensifier pumps, which are available in a wide range of sizes from 30-200hp and capable of producing pressures from 60,000-90,000psi and flow rates of 0.65-4 gpm for water jet cutting and surface preparation applications.Jet Edge’s water jet intensifier pumps feature a reliable tie-rod design. This design eliminates threads on the high-pressure cylinders, end caps, and hydraulic cylinders, reducing the likelihood of cracking, and increases component life. Matched-metal components prevent galling of hydraulic components.Hydraulic accumulators are standard on all Jet Edge waterjet pumps. This provides smoother hydraulic pressure, reduces spikes and prolongs hydraulic pump life. Hydraulic fluid is cooled and filtered, and a rugged hydraulic center section incorporates high-duty cycle-rated piston seal and wear rings. Jet Edge’s hydraulic systems have a 4,000-hour warranty.  Jet Edge water jet pumps also feature CE/TUV design-approved attenuators which smooth pressure fluctuations and deliver a constant and steady stream of ultra-high pressure water to the cutting tool, ensuring optimal cut quality.