hydraulic valve driver

July 8, 2010
Axiomatic announces its newest hydraulic valve driver, the 8:5 Valve Control with CAN, designed to improve productivity and reduce emissions in mobile equipment. It is suited for OEM control applications such as fan drive systems and transmission controls.Axiomatic’s cost effective hydraulic valve controllers and fan controllers are designedfor a variety of applications such as road construction and agricultural equipment.They are built with rugged environmental and mechanical features to suit such harshenvironments. The sophisticated processing capabilities of our standard platformsalong with Axiomatic’s application engineering services for custom applications offer awide choice of solutions to the machine designer needing to control primary functionsor add auxiliary functions.This new 8:5 Valve Controller is designed to control 5 proportional or on/off solenoidvalves from a variety of input sources. It accepts voltage, current, resistance,frequency, digital, and PWM from six universal inputs. This Valve Controller offers theend user a high value/cost ratio. With superior processing technology which includesuser configurable PID capability, the AX021900 controller is an economical solution tomeet the complex control requirements of many standard functions on an off highwaymachine today.Features:• Inputs:    6 universal analog signal inputs (current, voltage, resistive, frequency,digital or PWM)    1 digital input for enable/disable functionality    1 magnetic pickup sensor input (RPM)• Outputs:    4 proportional or on/off valve drivers up to 2.5 A    Open or closed loop (PID) drive is user configurable.    1 digital output up to 2.5A    Fully protected• 1 CAN (SAE J1939) port (CANopen® on request)• 12V, 24V or 48V nominal• Rugged IP67 packaging and connectors for harsh environments• Flexible user programming for application-specific control logic via the CANbased Electronic Assistant®