Super Torque 5818 stepper motor

July 16, 2010
Lin Engineering is proud to announce the release of the new Super Torque 5818 stepper motor series.  Although these motors measure in at a mere 2.40”, they boast up to 305 oz-in of holding torque.  The 5818 stepper motor series is a slightly larger version of Lin Engineering’s popular 5718 step motor line. Although they share the same mounting as the 5718 motor series, the new Super Torque 5818 stepper motor provides up to 50% more torque due to its slightly larger body.  Bipolar and unipolar windings are available with the added option of getting a custom winding for high speeds or low resonance at no extra cost. Common industries that may benefit from the added torque of a 5818 stepper motor are:  packaging, automation, printing, semiconductor, dispensing, and many more.  Custom options such as shaft modifications, cabling & wire harnesses, pulleys, and high temp materials are also available.