July 12, 2010
A new brochure describing Spiroflow Systems’ recently re-designed line of nine Flexible Screw Conveyors (FSC) that reduce material handling, product waste and downtime between batches for a quick payback Is now available.  Spiroflow is a pioneer of the FSC concept and has over 35 years experience in conveying and bulk handling solutions.Titled “Flexible Screw Conveyors for Dry Bulk Solids and Ingredients,” the eight-page brochure begins by highlighting the sheer design simplicity of the FSC’S including the direct electric motor-driven spiral screw that is the system’s only moving part.  The spiral rotates within a sealed tube, moving the material along at faster speeds than previous models. The need for any additional operating equipment such as gear reducers and bearings is eliminated, resulting in a system that is sanitary in design, easy to clean, low in maintenance costs and high in efficiency and performance.  Other features analyzed in the brochure include the FSC’s dust free operation since the system is fully enclosed and doesn’t use air as a conveying medium.  Also analyzed is the system’s simple cleaning, gentle material handling, constant material remixing that eliminates any risk of product separation and low maintenance. Its more sanitary modular design also provides greater flexibility in adapting to new applications.Next, the easy installation with minimum disruption is depicted.  This is followed by details on the range of heavy-duty conveyors that are available including the ‘Rhinoveyor’ models with rubber tubes for highly abrasive or high bulk density materials. Units can also be designed to comply with NEMA and/or ATEX applications.  This is followed by details of industrial applications in the food, water treatment, plastics, rubber, pharmaceutical, chemical, mineral, ceramic and other industries.The comprehensive range of integrated material handling equipment that can be integrated with Flexible Screw Conveyors is then given.  These include mobile conveyors, bulk bag dischargers, rigid bin emptiers and sack emptiers, The brochure concludes with a detailed line drawing describing the basics of flexible conveyors and a chart providing model specifications.  The nine different models are available with throughputs from 10 lbs/hr to 88,000 lbs/hr (4 kg/hr to 40,000 kg/hr) depending on the material and angle of operation.  Also highlighted are the three types of spiral screws available: a standard round spiral that handles most applications, a flat spiral for certain light and aerated products, and a bevelled screw for conveying difficult materials such as iron oxide or products that smear such as chocolate.