Expansion grippers now also available in a mini version

July 15, 2010
FIPA Inc. offers the pneumatic expansion gripper, "Expander". This gripper is now available in a mini design with    immediate effect for handling particularly small work-pieces having an internal diameter of 4.5 to 8.7 mm.    The great benefit of the mini expansion gripper: It works safely even with non-circular openings and can, thus, be used with    all hollow shapes. If special caution needs to be exercised for    highly sensitive and thin-walled parts – the gripping force of the mini expansion gripper can be controlled with the help of the supply pressure as required. Functionally safe principle of operationBe it a round borehole, rectangular recess or a slot hole. Where other grippers cannot get a secure grip, the "Expander" penetrates into    the part to be moved, expands uniformly once it is inside by axial  compression of the elastomer, and holds the work-piece tight as a result of the force directed outwards. This functionally safe type of gripping finds immense application opportunities in day-to-day    production facilities.  More convincing arguments for the cost-conscious: The    elastomers that are made of NBR or highly heat-resistant silicone    have a long life – if they, however, do get worn out, they can be replaced easily and cost-effectively.