Welding and Cutting Guide Available that Includes All Brands

July 12, 2010
Thermadyne, the company that comprises many of the most respected market leading brands in the welding and metal fabricating industry, has published a new Welding and Cutting Equipment Guide that provides an easy way to access current information about your favorite industry products.Oxy-fuel welding and cutting torches and regulators, plasma arc cutting and welding systems, arc welding power supplies, hardfacing and welding alloys, a wide array of manual and semi-automatic arc welding torches, tips and accessories, and high pressure gas control products are all included in this new resource.  Information about your favorite equipment from Victor®, Victor Specialty Products, Victor Medical, TurboTorch®, Tweco®, Tweco Robotics, Arcair®, Thermal Dynamics®, Thermal Dynamics Automation, Thermal Arc® and Stoody® is now easier than ever to find.