Energy Savings Brochure

July 31, 2010

Baldor Electric Company offers a new energy savings brochure.  The 18-page brochure examines and defines premium efficiency and looks at Baldor products that are designed to produce energy savings.

The brochure outlines the advantages of premium efficiency Baldor•Reliance Super-E® motors which meet or exceed NEMA premium efficiency standards, are well above efficiencies of typical motors in use today, and are compliant with the Energy Independence and Security Act which takes effect in December of this year. 

An exploded view of a Super-E motor is provided and Baldor’s BE$T (Baldor Energy Savings Tool) software is attached within the brochure.  The BE$T CD-ROM can compare the annual operating costs of industrial electric motors with Baldor•Reliance motors, and based on ratings and operating cycles can provide a financial summary on annual savings and payback in months for each.  BE$T can also perform a complete plant analysis and project summary.

    In addition to its discussing saving electricity with premium efficient electric motors, the brochure explains how additional energy savings can be accomplished by adding adjustable speed drives on fan and pump applications.  Also discussed is the use of generators in peak saving applications.   The Brochure also includes an energy saving case history and offers a review of other Baldor products.