2000 CC Pump Offers Versatility and Cost-Efficiency

Aug. 21, 2010
The Moyno® 2000 CC pump provides unmatched performance in a competitively priced, compact, close-coupled configuration. It is designed for municipal and industrial applications where close-coupled configurations are preferred, but the robustness of a gear joint drive is needed.The Moyno 2000 CC features a sealed gear-type universal joint drive train and optimized rotor/stator pumping element geometry. The new pump is designed to efficiently transfer abrasive, high-solids content materials. Utilizing proprietary Ultra-Drive® gear-joint technology, the Moyno 2000 CC pump effectively handles radial and thrust loads for maximum performance. Ultra-Pro® rotor/stator pumping elements are expertly engineered to require less energy consumption and reduce the potential for plugging and costly down time.The rugged gear joint drive Moyno 2000 CC pump offers cost-effective, dependable pumping action for long service life and low total cost of ownership. All internal parts are interchangeable with other Moyno 2000 pumps for easy, economical replacement parts inventory management. The Moyno 2000 CC Pump is ideal for: •    Positive displacement sludge transfer•    Scum and grease pumping•    Dewatering equipment feeding•    Lime slurry transfer and dosing•    Polymer transfer and dosing•    Chemical metering and transfer•    Sampling influent and effluent