Aug. 5, 2010
Spiroflow Systems, Inc. has introduced a new Bulk Bag ‘Super Discharger’ ideally suited for demanding applications in the pharmaceutical, dairy and food industry. The new ‘Spiroflow’ Model T11 Bulk Bag Super Discharger (BBD) is designed for critical applications in these industries where hygiene and rapid dismantling of components without tools are essential to avoid microbiological growth and/or cross-contamination between batches.      According to Spiroflow Systems, the Model T11 BBD was specifically designed to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical industry for a unit that is hygienically superior to anything in the industry. The nature of the design allows the T11 to be custom made to meet stringent standards and specifications of individual customers and their applications, the company said.Easy to Clean and SterilizeThe Model T11 BBD is manufactured entirely of stainless steel for a bead blast or mirror polish finish. The Discharger is designed so it can be completely stripped down within minutes by two plant employees.  Since there aren’t any dead pockets, the BBD is easy to pressure wash, steam clean, manually clean or sterilize.  All electrical and pneumatic connections are interlocked to IP 67 or better dust/ingress protection depending on the application and cleaning regime.  Lifting FrameA safety-tested bag-lifting frame holds the bag in place during discharge. The bagsupport arms, on which the frame rests, are spring-loaded to stretch the bag as it empties of the material to ensure total discharge of contents.  A choice of three types of bag massagers (side, base and corner) are optional to promote material flow from compacted bags or bags that contain difficult materials.Total Containment    A dust cabinet offers total containment during discharge.  A large door or glove box provides easy access for untying and re-tying the bag necks.  Horizontally opposed V-Shape pinch bars strangle the neck for safe untying and automated opening and closing of the bag.  The pinch bars can only be operated with the access door closed or with the operator’s hands safely removed from the glove box.The bulk bag neck is clamped to the inlet of the transfer hopper within the dust cabinet by a pharmaceutical quality, dust-tight seal that is easy to remove, clean, reassemble and replace.All major components, fixtures and fittings can be dismantled by hand and reassembled without the use of tools by two operators within minutes.  Correct re-assembly is assured since mating parts are uniquely matched.No Tools Required to Disassemble    Optional equipment includes CIP (Clean in Place) systems, bag liner removal directly into a compactor and a HEPA filtration system to maintain negative pressure within the dust containment cabinet.Discharger Made from Folded PlateThe discharger is constructed of folded plate with no tight corner radii. The main frame is an open Z-section construction without dead spots or closed corners. Material discharge can be made directly to a process or packing machine below the unit or coupled to an integral conveyor that delivers material to a process or packing machine.