Plantex Ceramic discs are designed for grinding all metals, including stainless steel, steel, aluminum, titanium, bronze, and special alloys.


The discs' advanced high-performance ceramic grain improves grinding performance for maximum removal, saving time, and extending service life. The unique abrasive structure reduces heat when grinding, preventing heat discoloration on the workpiece.


Discs feature a backing plate made of natural hemp with a polypropylene binder. Safer working conditions result from the elimination of fiberglass, mineral fibers, and epoxy resin in the backing plate. This hemp fiber high-tech compound also provides high insulating, vibration damping, and noise-reducing properties. The disc automatically reduces in size during grinding, allowing 100% utilization of the abrasive fabric. These environmentally-friendly discs minimize pollution from production to waste disposal.

  • Ideal for stainless steel and hard metals
  • Multiple grits
  • High-performance ceramic grain maximizes material removal
  • 0.88-in. hub
  • Self-trimming and very easy to cut – the backing plate reduces in size automatically during the grinding process


  • Advanced high-performance ceramic grain
  • Hard-pressed to minimize chatter and vibration
  • Maximum grit adhesion for extended grinding performance

Backing Plate:

  • Composed of a high-tech, fiberglass-free compound
  • Fiber backing is 70% natural hemp, a renewal resource
  • High-strength construction, yet flexible to conform to the surface of the workpiece
  • Extremely versatile: easily trimmable for a wide variety of applications and use in tight spaces
  • Runs safer: no harsh fumes, airborne fibers or sharp pieces