RVI-44B1 Replacement Vacuum Interrupter

Sept. 27, 2022
Vacuum Interrupters' RVI-44B1 replacement vacuum interrupter is built to provide excellent high-voltage insulation.

The RVI-44B1 replacement vacuum interrupter offers 2000 A RMS-rated current, 15 kV RMS maximum voltage, 95 kV peak impulse withstand, and 50 KA RMS-rated short circuit breaking current. This direct fit-and-function replacement unit meets original equipment ratings and is intended for use in the GE PowerVac VB, VB1, VB1H, VVC, and PV-VL vacuum interrupter pole assemblies. The RVI-44B1 is built to provide high-voltage insulation, high cumulative and breaking capacity, exclusive internal torsion control, and fine alumina ceramic for an excellent vacuum seal. No modification is required for proper installation and operation in the existing electrical equipment.

  • Impulse tested to ANSI C37
  • AC withstand test to ANSI C37
  • High cumulative and high breaking capacity
  • Ultra-small and lightweight
  • High reliability due to stringent testing
  • Fine alumina ceramic for excellent vacuum seal
  • Cu-Cr contact for excellent high voltage insulation and breaking performance
  • Exclusive internal torsion control