Aug. 12, 2010
A new UL/CUL approved, vibration-resistant connector is easy to install and “clicks” to validate proper attachment and locks into place.The ETCO FlatSnap® Connector features wings that match UL male tabs and replaces a standard disconnect with a positive locking connector that is vibration-resistant.  Designed to simplify appliance assembly and reduce field service incidents, this unisex style connector “clicks” into place and remains attached during assembly, shipment, and final setup.  Easy to install using a simple push-pull motion, the ETCO FlatSnap® Connector’s design prevents wire harnesses from pulling out and shaking loose.  It is available in 0.032 x 0.250” and other sizes made from nickel plated steel and various high temperature alloys.The ETCO FlatSnap® Connector is priced according to material and quantity.  Free samples and price quotations are available upon request.