Uniflow3 Power Supply

Aug. 16, 2010
Miyachi Unitek Corporation, a leading manufacturer of welding equipment and systems, introduces its new Uniflow3 power supply for resistance soldering, heat sealing and conductive adhesive bonding applications. The new model replaces Miyachi’s popular Uniflow2 power supply, and features hardware improvements, new process control features, upgraded limit and alarm options, and a variety of user interface upgrades.Using pulsed heat technology, the Uniflow3 provides targeted heating and precision temperature control for such components as flex circuits, ribbon cables, wires, SMT components, single or dual sided edge connectors and thermocompression bonding of gold ribbon. It is widely used in the assembly of medical devices, cellular phones, on-board computers, LCD monitors, laptops, and cockpit instrumentation and displays.“The Uniflow3 has a variety of new features that make it a powerful process instrument,” said Dave Cielinski, Vice President of Standard Product Development. “The graphical user interface provides a very informative picture of the process status and results, and the added user settable process segments enable the Uniflow3 to output heating profiles which achieves optimal results for individual user applications.” Uniflow3’s hardware improvements include an LCD display twice the height of the Uniflow2, with a new front panel keypad containing additional keys for easy user access to new features. Process control features now include three additional heating stages and added states for programmable relays. The Uniflow3 also includes new postheat functions, as well as a fully functional idle heat function with a warm-up that features a slow ramp up of temperature to idle after power up.Limits and alarms have been upgraded, and now feature user settable delays for the start of temperature limits and envelope. User interface upgrades include a new graph screen with settable time axis, data screen, commands allowing retrieval of actual temperature graph data, and an input/output status screen.