Economy Dry Boxes

Aug. 11, 2010
To claim a larger share of the growing market for humidity-controlled chambers, Manncorp has introduced a new “Value Line” of lower-priced desiccant cabinets. The series of three models, with internal capacities of 7, 22 and 44 cu. ft., are priced up to one-third less than the comparable “Dr. Storage” dry boxes also offered by the company.By providing the best possible protective low-humidity, the Value Line storage units prevent defects to components and assemblies caused when moisture content in MSDs (moisture sensitive devices) becomes vaporized if soldered under high lead-free temperatures. The resulting microcracking, die paddle delamination, swelling and cracking may require costly post-assembly rework or cause outright rejection.Desiccant cabinets avert these disasters. Trays and reels of MSDs can now be safely stored for extended periods in an RH atmosphere of 5% or less, which is claimed to be over five times dryer than the Sahara Desert. Each of the new Value Line models provide two or more turbo modules designed to rapidly decline RH to this level without use of nitrogen or compressed air. The cabinets reportedly offer the same performance features as the up-market versions although some of the less-used features are omitted. However, where the differentials are most noticeable is in the pricing: $1,925 to $6,275 for the Value Line models, as compared to $2,845 to $7.995, for the Dr. Storage units.