July 28, 2010
Hope Industrial Systems, Inc. today introduced a new line of Thin-Client-Ready Industrial Operator Stations. These self-contained workstations are available with 15”, 17” or 19” LCD monitors housed in NEMA-rated black powder-coated or stainless steel enclosures and provide a sealed, clean and cool operating environment for a user-supplied thin client or small form factor PC. Optional features include NEMArated touchscreens, industrial keyboards and pointing devices, and tilt/swivel yoke mounts. A complete workstation is priced starting at $2,335 ($2,785 for stainless steel) offering the industrial user a lowcost platform that can be used with most 3rd party thin clients or small form factor PC's. "Our customers use a wide variety of thin clients in industrial environments. Rather than forcing the user to pick from a small selection of devices, our industrial workstation provides a standard enclosure that will work with most of the thin clients on the market. This enclosure takes care of power, cooling, and environmental protection,” said Jeff Waddle, VP of Engineering for Hope Industrial. “The customer can select from a variety of displays, keyboards, and other accessories, turning any industrial or commercially available thin client into a fully ruggedized industrial workstation.” The use of a well-placed internal cooling fan allows maximum heat management inside the thin client enclosure. Depending on their design, many commercial thin clients will actually run cooler inside the protective enclosure than they would in a typical office environment. This was accomplished without any ventilation outside the enclosure, maintaining a NEMA 4X / IP66 rating for wash-down environments. Workstation Specifications and Options • LCD Display Options – 15”, 17” or 19” (22” widescreen available soon) • Protective Display Windows – resistive touchscreen, safety glass or acrylic window • Construction - stainless steel or black powder-coated steel • Mount - Full tilt/swivel yoke mount or fixed mount • Keyboard Options   o Full-travel keyboard with button pointer   o Short-travel membrane keyboard with touchpad • Integrated Thin Client/PC enclosure   o 14” x 14” x 6.125” outside dimensions   o Mounting bracket to accommodate most popular commercial and industrial thin clients   o Internal circulating fan   o Industrial DC power supply for thin client (5VDC, 12VDC, up to 40W)   o Internal cable management • Certifications   o NEMA 4/4X/12 ratings for all components   o UL50E (Type 4/12 for black powder coated steel models, Type 4X for stainless models)   o UL508   o RoHS