Halo Eye/Face Wash

Oct. 12, 2010

Bradley introduces HALO eye/face wash, arming users with the most effective emergency relief available in the industry. Designed with the latest technology in fluid dynamics, HALO covers 85 percent of the user’s face, which is more than 20 percent better protection than any other eye/face wash on the market.  With more coverage and a superior wash pattern, users attain the greatest contaminant relief and protection available.  

In addition to superior washdown capability, HALO incorporates an exclusive self-draining feature, which eliminates standing water left in the unit between uses and testing.  The innovative self-draining Aquaduct™ design reduces the risk of bacteria growth when the unit is not in use.  The integral strainer inside the Aquaduct further reduces debris in the water for additional eye protection and also prevents clogging.  The strainer is easy to remove and clean during routine testing.  

HALO’s separate supply and waste pipes stand out as another exclusive product feature, meeting U.S. and European plumbing requirements.  With separate supply and waste, potential for cross contamination is eliminated, again protecting the user. 

New and enhanced dust covers provide added protection and keep units clean and ready for emergency situations.  When the cover is opened – using a new ergonomic hand-activation paddle that is easy to reach from any direction – water flow starts immediately, giving the user immediate relief.  The dust cover’s clear translucent yellow design allows for easy inspection.  New dust cover caps are hinged for secure hold.

Anti-microbial protection also protects the eyewash and eye/face wash sprayheads from germs and bacteria.

  • covers 85 percent of the user’s face
  • self-draining: eliminates standing water, reduces the risk of bacteria growth
  • separate supply and waste pipes, per U.S. and European plumbing requirements