Sept. 14, 2010
Custom designed heated air knife blow-off systems for applications where rapid and complete drying for subsequent processing is required are being introduced by Malcom Company, Inc. Malcom Hot Air Knife Systems feature hot air blowers that are adjust-able from ambient to 1,000°F with pressure up to 4.5 psi to provide the appropriate velocity of heated air for optimum process efficiency.  Ideal for removing water and condensation from bottles and packages before printing, sealing, and labeling, they can be custom designed fornew and retrofit applications.Available with single and multiple hot air blowers, specialty deflectors, air nozzles, or tunnels, and various control options, Malcom Hot Air Knife Systems increase line speeds and process parameters by blowing heated air, claims the firm.  Systems are suitable for any application requiring fully dried surfaces for coating or other processes and for preheating substrates.