An internal combustion (IC) Class V pneumatic tire forklift designed to eliminate the frequent maintenance, excessive downtime, and shortened lifespan that limit operator productivity in heavy-duty outdoor forklift applications, the Crown C-5 Series pneumatic model is equipped with an industrial John Deere Power Systems (John Deere) engine, a dual open-core radiator that offers independent engine and transmission cooling, a long-lasting power brake, and solid pneumatic tires as standard features. The forklift is available in capacities ranging from 4,000 to 6,500 lb.


The 2.4-liter John Deere Power Systems engine features a cast iron head and larger, more robust components that are designed for industrial applications. The truck’s low-end torque is the most powerful in its class improving performance during acceleration, working on ramps with load, and pushing heavy loads. It has fewer moving parts and a 90% larger brake pad surface than traditional drum brakes, which translates into a lifespan that can be three times longer and requires 93% fewer maintenance checks.


During the Crown C-5 design phase, the company learned that the lifespan of IC forklifts operating in harsh conditions was shortened because of clogged radiators. Therefore, Crown built a forklift with a dual open-core radiator with separate cooling systems for the engine and transmission. Customers using the Crown C-5 in extreme, dirty environments can choose to add the innovative On-Demand Cooling system that automatically clears the radiator of debris and provides precise cooling to effectively manage heat.


All models of the Crown C-5 Series are equipped with standard features that improve the overall operator experience, including the ergonomically designed Crown FlexSeat that alleviates common operator pressure points. The Crown C-5 also redirects heat and exhaust away from operators during reverse travel, facilitates entry/exit with larger steps, utilizes a contoured seat deck, and provides an unobtrusive push-button parking brake.

Customers seeking to improve fleet optimization and overall fuel efficiency may leverage information obtained through the Crown InfoLink wireless fleet and operator management system. InfoLink allows managers to quickly identify and prioritize issues around compliance, impact, and equipment performance. InfoLink works with Crown eSmart Accurate Fuel Tracking, which is a standard feature on the Crown C-5, to gain access to fuel data by operator, truck, performance level, fleet, and location. Crown eSmart also alerts operators when fuel levels are below 16 minutes.

  • Load Capacity: 4,000 to 6,500 lb.
  • Max Lift Height: 294 in. (Quad Mast)
  • Engine: 2.4 liter LPG engine